Paring Knife Treatment

No matter the price you pay, if you maintain a knife well, it will last you longer than expected. The first thing you should do is to always sharpen them. You never know what happens to the edge of the knife when you chuck them in your utensil drawer.

You should invest in a knife block or buy a knife set with a block. Not only does it organise your knife, some knife blocks are very elegant and it will look great on your kitchen counter. Canola or corn oil is good for lubricating the blade. Apply a thin layer of the oil after sharpening it and let it rest for a few minutes.

Never keep a knife with a cracked handle as you have a higher risk of getting injured. Even though, knife brands claim that their knives are dishwasher safe, don’t be encourage by this statement as the heat may damage the blade. Ensure that you dry your paring knife after washing them.
This simple and easy actions may reward you buy resulting your knife to last for many years.