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The Paring Knife

Did you know that paring knives existed since the medieval times? Paring knives were used to cut, skin, scrape and gouge anything. Nowadays, a kitchen is not complete without at least a good paring knife as it is important to cut vegetables, precise peeling and cutting, coring out fruits such as Melons. The one important feature is that a paring knife is usually 4 inches long. Any longer than that and you will get a utility knife. I got mine from this knife set

Styles of Paring Knives

There are many styles to a paring knife but two famous ones are the Hawksbill style and the Finnish Pukku. Now, the Hawksbill style is the most popular. They are used for coring and peeling fruits and vegetables. If you like eating grapefruit, lemons and oranges, this is the best knife for slicing them.

The Finnish Pukku is a small but powerful knife. They are by the northern community for almost everything. From slicing vegetables to cutting seal fat. This knife has a unique handle that are comfortable to hold on too even when your hands are wet. It has been also known to slice through chicken bones effortlessly. If you want a multipurpose paring knife, a Pukku is what you need.

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