Winston Churchill Retrospective

Submitted by Margo Caulfield

Considered by many of his peers as quite possibly the greatest American gun engraver of all time, Winston Churchill was born on a farm in Cavendish Vermont, where he still practices his artistry today. This farm was given to his ancestors for their service in the Revolutionary War.

With a love of wildlife, Churchill grew up artistically talented painting, drawing whittling their likeness in wood, and finally with a set of professional set of tools, carving

Joining the Navy did not diminish his interest in art. Churchill carved delicate and varied designs of ship insignia bas-relief into mahogany plaques, which were then cast in bronze. Fascinated with engraving, he sought out examples of work by other engravers and eventually found employment with Joe Fugger who was with Abercrombie and Fitch in New York. It was here that Churchill learned the fine European techniques, eventually leading to more opportunities to learn additional engraving styles and techniques from other masters.

One of Churchill’s specialties is his realistic treatment of animal and bird scenes. These serve to illustrate his obsession for accuracy and detail, which he is famous for.

In addition to his talent as an engraver, Churchill is also a sculpture and a photographer. On July 4 and 5, there will be a retrospective of Winston Churchill’s work, primarily featuring his photography, at the Old Stone Church in Cavendish VT. The show, sponsored by the Cavendish Historical Society, will be from noon to 4 pm both days.

 The Churchill Retrospective is part of Cavendish Old Home Day, which begins at 8:30 on July 4 (Saturday) with the annual Plant sale in front of the Cavendish Historical Society Museum. Games, vendors and a chicken BBQ, take place on the Cavendish Green, a short walk from the Museum, starting at 10 am. The Stone Church is in close proximity to the Cavendish Green, also on Route 131, or Main Street.

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